1 little, 2 little, 3 little….
we need action now
this issue is quite pressing

they are not AWOL
they have not run off with the circus
they have been taken against their will
it’s out of character for any of them to just disappear

kidnapped through treachery and deception
but their fates are not sealed
prayers have gone up
our mission is clear

scour the unsavory places
the places we know of but never go
check every hotel, motel, brothel
massage parlor, after-hours and speak-easy

bang on the doors make the pimps uneasy
always use strength in numbers
be watchful it will make the johns queasy

talk to the street people
they are always there
ask if they’ve noticed anyone different
anyone out of place
did you see distress in a child’s face
they are old enough to speak but won’t

tech savvies watch social media
especially craigslist and back page
notify the police of anyone underage
it may not be who we are looking for
but they need rescuing too
be vigilant and don’t be afraid to report

their loved ones are crying out in pain
please bring these babies home
this is not alien abduction
sex trafficking is a cruel and despicable thing

© Tamir A. Shaw