I wish I had a magic eraser that could banish into obscurity every earthly wrong
no matter the crime or punishment with a swipe of the wrist it would all be gone

it would wipe away hatred, prejudice and overall unwarranted disdain
abused women and children would no longer have to live with the after effects of pain

no one would know of hunger, poverty or incurable disease
I’m not saying God makes mistakes, I just want to fix some things

with one fell swoop longheld misconceptions would be abolished
xenophobia, sexism and all other forms of discrimination demolished

negativity of any kind would no longer find a place
each and every living soul would be met with a measure of grace

gratitude would be inevitable once complaining has been eliminated
praises will be heard from coast to coast once discord has been annihilated

the Master will look down at the changes and surely be pleased
seeing all the people on one accord and His mission finally achieved