it’s not easy to say I love you
for when I’ve said I loved it
I’ve lost it
I do not cherish you more than salvation
I do not love you more than my Savior
I would lay down my life for you
if you needed it to live
I’d give you my heartI know when you’re hurting
inside I just can’t get right

I long to see you happy
I’d give you every good thing
you want me to learn to receive

more than enough
that smile upon your face
inside your arms
my perfect place

I hear your heart speaking
right through your eyes
your mouth says you’re ok
I see past the lies

you are a gift
more valuable than precious metals
a found treasure
my diamond in the rough
when times are hard you shine
I am so greatful that the Lord made you mine

while everything around us perishes
God’s Word will forever endure
in my hands your heart is always secure

I will never hurt you
together forever we will be
promised before God’s eyes
One love for eternity