when you see me
I don’t want you to see me
when you see me
I want you to know what God can do

by all accounts I shouldn’t be here
I was unplanned, unexpected, unaccepted and inconvenient
in other words
a problem

from the very beginning
life tried to take me out
but somebody prayed for me

everyday I saw my Grandma on her knees
often with tears running down her cheeks
crying out to the Lord to intercede
He always heard her cries

I couldn’t cry when she died
struggle became a constant visitor
along with sorrow, pain and turmoil
instability and upheaval were the new norm

but I survived
I grew
soon free to face the struggles of life
on my own

times were hard
one thing was certain
I knew how to pray
and I did

I know that God hears
without a doubt
every tear has been comforted

God has restored my soul
He has met every need
time and time again

to say I love Him
is not enough
it must reflect in all I do

you could never understand the work He’s done on the inside
taught me to forgive
I’m forgiven in return

My God is awesome!
I could go on forever
if I started listing all He’s done

© Tamir A Shaw