if you want to go to war
stand and profess that you are on the right side
the side of love
the side of justice

confess that you believe in progress
the fight will quickly begin
cry out for the weak and oppressed
they will soon come for you too

it’s no child’s game
this speaking out for truth
but even a child could do it
in fact they often do

it takes no genius to see corruption in stride
no wisdom to discern prejudice at work
wrong boldly decrees its position
making no excuses or positing justification for being wrong

it is only right that must battle for ground
prove over and over again the ethicality of its existence
expound until exhaustion the often obvious counterarguments
verifying consistently with unrelenting precision why wrong is misguided

right is always right
right will never be wrong
wrong is always wrong
wrong will never be right