do you believe in miracles
broken things can be made whole
hurting hearts can be restored
tortured minds can find peace

do you believe in favor
sentences can be overturned
promotions cannot be earned
some things in life are free

do you believe you have special powers
power to speak things into existence
power to change the course of the future
power to rescue a victim a world away

do you believe in grace
there is nothing you can do to deserve your next breath
but you expect it to come
inhaling and exhaling thankfully

do you believe in purpose
every single moment has been written
the path is yours to decide
choose to live or die

do you think this is all a test
will there be a curve
will there be retakes
is there extra credit

life is so very complicated
but well worth the trouble
are you thankful
for the life you live
are you living just to die