Life Is Terminal By Tamir A. Shaw

live each day as if it is your last
you never know
when your soul will be required of you
there is no time like the present
to do what is right
why put off until tomorrow
what you can do today

you are healthy, strong and vibrant
never felt better
what are the chances that death will come
any time soon
you’re in the prime of your life
don’t let thoughts of demise consume
there will always be tomorrow
to accomplish what you didn’t finish

your know how is invaluable
those recipes will be lost to time
if you don’t write them down
that song on your heart
will bless someone’s soul
your artwork is so beautiful
why don’t you do a show

no one appreciates your input
why tell anyone a thing
once you give up your secrets
you won’t be needed anymore
your dabblings are not talent
they are just killing time
don’t waste your time
you’ll only suffer great embarrasment

it makes no sense to keep this joy
to myself
it is of no benefit to anyone
for my blessings to be lost to time
God appreciates my efforts
He gave these gifts to me
I must
I must
I must
set every one of them free