the skin I’m in will not reveal where I am from
almond eyes
high cheek bones
round forehead
clefted chin
soft, fine locks even without perm
freckles and moles
I’ve definitely been kissed by the sun
without an ancestory DNA kit
I’ll never know from whence I’ve come

all of my grandmas were golden brown
high yella and redbone
some census takers claimed mulatto
whereabouts of the white men who dabbled in my bloodline
I just don’t know

my granddad got here some how
must have been incorrigible like me
was sold twice in Virginia
landed in Sunflower County, Mississippi

Jefferson Davis had a brother
granddad called him massa
my grandma was at least part Native
the tribe I do not know
because of the region
everyone brings up the Choctaw
even today it shows

my grandad was dead by 50
the way of his demise I do not know
a hardworking man who left no land
but his legacy is strong
he gave us a name to tell us to whom we belong
my grandad held true to the Kosa
when he was freed and allowed to pick a name
Davis was not it
Washington Cosey is the name I will never forget