Yeah, I talk about God like I know Him.
It’s because I do.
He has been there through it all.
He knew me before I knew myself.
He knows who I am and who I will be.
He knows my disobedience.
He knows my faith.
He knows when I am real.
He knows when I am fake.
He knows when I trust Him and when I’m like…eh.
We disagree, yet he is always right.
He loved me when I did not love myself.
He rewards me when I don’t deserve it.
He can be rough when I need it.
My head is hard.
He is gentle beyond measure
He knows my heart is soft.
He is always with me.
Never leaves my side.
I see His glory in everything.
His majesty.
He is within me and that causes my light to shine.

© Tamir A. Shaw