I’ve been living my life
all my life
no one really told me how
sure they said
do this or don’t do that
try this
but under no circumstances that

the choice is really yours
choose to live how you please
my choices have lead me to stand
where I am right now

I’ve done a lot
through technology
seen even more
the most important thing I’ve done is to learn
the most important thing I’ve learned is to love

no matter what they look like
treat them with kindness
they are humans too

no matter where they’re from
they are deserving of respect
no matter the language they speak
through effort understanding can be achieved

it’s easier to love than hate
if we are willing to try

I cannot choose
I will not choose
to hate my sister and brother
because they have different views

how can I stand on His Word
and say who God doesn’t love
are we not all His creations
from before our beginnings
blessed from above

society allows us
the freedom to speak
for or against
yay or nay
but do we have the right

I serve Him with my all
worship Him
with fear and trembling
but I cannot and will not
cast the first stone
even on my best days
I have been wrong

some say we must fight
fight to preserve our way of life
your way of life
is making us extinct
who wants to hang around a bunch of hypocites

I hear you now
I can’t condone this rhetoric
it’s gotten to her too
this doctrine of death
pray for me then
because I’m praying for you

© Tamir A. Shaw