Is it enough?

Is it enough to grow up being respectful, playing by the rules, struggling hard to succeed and making something of yourself?

Is it enough to sacrifice everything and often be left with nothing for yourself?

Is it enough not to give up despite the despair chasing you down trying to smother you every, single day?

Is it enough to constantly thwart the seemingly endless ways that life tries to take you out every, single day?

Is it enough to be more than enough while the world tells you that you will never be enough?

Is it enough to not only get out and get something but to also reach back and give something?

Is it enough to find the love of your life and cherish her enough to wanna do right?

Is it enough to work your fingers to the bone in a thankless job earning far less than you deserve and giving more than will ever be gotten in return?

Is it enough to build a fence around your family in daily prayer knowing that God is the only true hope for protection in a world imploding upon itself?

Is it enough to love the brothers that don’t look like you, don’t act like you, don’t think like you, don’t respect you and who won’t love you back?

Is it enough to give all that you are, all that you have, all that you ever will be so that others can live?

Despite your best intentions, in this life, it will never be enough.

Even as you lay lifeless in your grave, they will find a way to discount you through superfluous scrutiny which means nothing.

Today the lies must cease!

Today you must be told of your value!

You are more than enough!

You have always been enough!

More than they can see!

More than they can handle!

God’s promises to His people will come to pass.

You carry that promise! That is why you are a threat. That is why you are a target. Those who think that they can interfere with destiny are mistaken. God will not be mocked. His will shall come to pass!

Praise be to God for you!

You are life!

You are love!

You are hope!

You are success!

You are everything!

Be strong. Be brave. His hand is upon you.