What do we do when anger and fear boil over into the streets overtaking once pleasant and serendipitous lanes?
When the skies seem as dark as our thoughts toward human beings who we seemingly do not even know?
How can we recover after the rain has washed away any semblence of our once vibrant past and left an uncomfortable new normal?
Where can we go during the most trying times of our lives when it seems that there is nothing left to live for and all has surely been lost?
When compassion towards the innocent is at an all time low and people find it so easy to hate what they fear or do not understand?

Despite the shadow cast by the dismal cloud emerging seemingly over everyone and everything; the answer is glaringly clear.
Look to love.
No matter what’s going on, it will never change or cease to be.
Love is always abundant because it takes less than an ounce to cure a multitude of wrongs.
Look within and you will find that you have more than enough to spare.
Smile and pay it forward through acts that express your passion about what the future holds.
Open your eyes and ears and be sensative to the needs of others and act in meaningful ways.
It will wage a war against hate without ever striking a blow.
Look ever to love.

© Tamir A. Shaw