No silver spoons
No crystal stair
I gained my ground through the blood, sweat and tear

Humble beginnings
Someone just shouted go and it was on
Scratching and surviving
Taking what I needed to remain strong

People gave me what they had
Kinder hearts prevailed
Built into me an avarice for life
Gave me the desire to win

Luck never on my side
Yet without my awareness
It was always mercy and grace to abide
Pushing me toward written goals of change

Oh how I cried when I finally learned to pray
I started fighting on my knees
Actually sitting, laying, driving, standing up

When the times get tough
I call on the Lord
No other reinforcement I need
The Father, He adores

He has never left me lacking of any good thing
He taught me humility
To be obedient and humbly approach the throne

Through the Lord I have become stronger
I have become fiesty
I have become a scrapper
I’ve learned to pray

© Tamir A. Shaw