Speaker 1: Despair
I haven’t listened to music in a week
I’m not depressed
feels more like defeat
I’ve been trudging up hill so long
fighting for what’s right
trying to remain strong
no one would understand
so I keep it to myself
well the Lord knows
but I ain’t telling nobody else
this life is hard right now
not even talking about the past
migraines everyday
don’t even wanna go outside
not feeling pretty
don’t even crave an embrace
my finances are a mess
it’s taking all I’ve got to keep ahold of this place
Speaker 2: Sorrow
all around me people keep dying
families crying out asking for prayer
even with my weakened faith I’m still trying
nobody seems to come running to help me
I could be lying on my own death bed
casualty of a brain bleed
no one would care

Speaker 3: Ambition
life would go on
soon they would see
how hard I fought just to remain me
temptation all around
screaming take the easy route
but that ain’t me
not even close to what I’m about

Speaker 4: Frustration
sacrifice is all a part of the game
all this sacrifice is driving me insane
I give and I give but what do I get in return
some old geezer at the top hollering back
it’s not your turn
don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining
just observing how life works
on what I deserve, I’m not wavering

Speaker 5: Proactive
entitlement attitude you say
huh, not even close
I work hard, vote and contribute to society
I pay taxes and want better schools
why politically penalize me like I’m a fool
got mad when I yelled Black Lives Matter
FBI on my tail shortly thereafter
IRS audited me with the quickness
pulled over so many times
never knew having a driver’s license was elitist
they say I’m extreme because of my views
your brother’s and sisters are dying in the streets
you should be extreme too

Speaker 6: Anger
I’m frustrated
about this state of affairs
if it ain’t about fashion, Kim or Kanye seems no one cares
no one asked me to care you say
well who told you not to
last time I checked you lived in this world too
hosing down people who don’t want the pipeline
once again stealing native land but you think that’s fine
this is not an indictment
feel how you want to feel
but when they come for you
make sure you keep it real

Speaker 7: Determination
I’ve always stood up for mine despite persecution
this election process threw me for a loop
I respect the outcome
just can’t understand why ya’ll voted for the dude
I’m not an agitator I know it’s your right
but when he get’s in office tomorrow he better do right
from the looks of his cabinet
and the lack there of
we are in for a doozy
he’s got his crayons ready to undo some policies
respect the newly elected President you say
not until tomorrow
then I’ll be quiet as a mouse watching this all play out
the minute it goes awry
it’s back to the streets a marching and a shouting I go

Speaker 8: Resolved
no matter what happens from day to day
I know who holds my future
He will never let me down
I won’t obsess over what might have been or what may be
whatever He allows is fine with me
no matter what I’ll continue to do my best
always putting my best foot forward
relying on Him for the rest

©Tamir A. Shaw